Molding young minds, one student at a time

LRN Tutoring Academy, LLC is dedicated to providing an unmatched learning experience to students of all ages and experience levels. We recognize each student is an individual, and we strive to develop a learning environment that adapts to a student’s unique capabilities, to truly fulfill his and her highest academic potential. LRN Tutoring Academy is highly committed to helping people from all backgrounds reach their academic goals. Additionally, we seek to create a challenging and rewarding learning environment that encourages high expectations for success, leaving our students with the tools and confidence to succeed as they navigate their academic careers.


  • Provide high-quality, experienced, and personalized academic coaching professionals to students of all ages in order to meet and exceed the student’s learning needs
  • Build fundamental and collaborative relationship with the student (and parents)
  • Develop an individualized academic plan for the student’s success, while promoting a safe, supportive, and caring learning environment
  • Openly communicate with the student’s entire family, encouraging a cohesive support system

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